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About Us 2

Hi! I'm Mary and I'm the owner and creator of Drmengele's Shop! I've been asked many times how to make things my way.. It's not your typical story and if you'd asked me if I ever thought I'd be owner of my own business back in 2020 I'd have said no way! And I'd have been wrong!

Since September 2019, I have been researching about clothes, carpets, bedding sets and their necessity for humans. I visited the recommended sites to purchase supplies and made my first purchase.

At first, I chose a simple sample t-shirt with a few materials and went at it. But the fabric I used was not good, and the shirt I made was not a good one. I gave up on it and tried again with another fabric, this time with the right fabric, the shirt I made was beautiful! And that was the beginning of the end.

I gave each of them a shirt for Christmas that year. Everyone likes them. Since then, I have continued to make more and more things, shirts with luxury brands' motifs. Then an online friend saw a picture of me with the shirt and asked to order some from me. She came back for more she loved it so much and that's when I thought maybe I could sell them. I continued to research how to make other essentials such as rugs, bedding sets, bathroom sets, etc. I saved my money to buy all kinds of supplies for my work. And in January of 2020, I officially started this adventure. I had no clue what I was doing, but I'm a hard worker if nothing else and was willing to learn from my mistakes and ask for help and seek out wisdom from others.

The business name might be simple, the logo cute, but the slogan says it all: "Become more beautiful and more interesting!" My goal is to use color to the maximum! If you don't smile when you use my product, I'm not doing my job! I want you to love your clothes with unique designs and beautiful colors, or decorate your home with stylish things. Seeing them will make your day more joyful.

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