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There are scuff marks on the shoes, it looks like it happened during shipping.
I received them yesterday. There are some extra points that make me not very satisfied, the rest everything is fine.
Well packaged, they look great.
My husband likes it. Wonderful
1 great pair of shoes
The bag looks a bit small, I thought it would be bigger, everything is fine, the service is very good.
I like it
There is still some glue on the outside of the shoes.
They gave me the wrong window curtain instead of the bathroom set. They sent me a replacement bathroom set very quickly.
I received the bedding set
The material is great, I have been using it for a while but everything is still very good.
The color is a little different but the service is good, they resend me a new one.
Very nice duvet
It's thinner than I like but the print is fabulous! Lots of compliments!
Excellent products and service. Looking forward to ordering more!!
Love the print, I really like the fabric, liteweight and breathable, sweet I tell you
I got it the notification that the company has dem in Florida all they has to do is price dem
Delivery was quite slow, but luckily I still got it before Christmas.
OMG..I love them thank you so much. Send me the link again please I want to order some more stuff please. I showed my daughter and she’s ready to order.
I like my New Channel bathroom set. I found some two way tape to keep the rug in place
Great product, my kids love it. However, they left it at my neighbor's door. There must have been some mistake.
Nice material. My bathroom looks so luxurious, haha.
I bought a pair of shoes, but they ship me something like this. Great product, they even sent me an extra set of shoelaces. Good job.
The sneaker are new and the quality is amazing. They fit me very well. Haha, a birthday present that I bought for myself. Love it.
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